Bobst headquarters in Lausanne – the perfect location for an interesting visit

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Bobst headquarters in Lausanne - the perfect location for an interesting visit
The persons who are fond of unique tourist attractions will find always-interesting places to visit .If you are in Lausanne, Switzerland, and then you must visit Bobst headquarters. Bobst Group it is known for its bobst machines, appreciated in the entire world. The company was found in 1890 and is considered one of the best producers.

Nowadays, bobst machines are very solicited, beside Heidelberg or Muller Martini. If you are interested in history, we can admire at bobst headquarters the Braille Machine from 1915. If you are interested in the environment protection, then you can look at the roof-top solar panels.

Bobst has a great interest in efficiency, quality, and innovation. Although the company is well known in the field of printing for its products, it is oriented toward a wide range of activity. Therefore, they bring advanced expertise in production of lifts and automobiles.

Bobst has fabrics in many countries, such as in China, where they produce bobst machines for Africa and the Middles East Shangai. The most important thing is that they work to the same standards and respect the same high quality.

Now they activate in multiple areas, such as printing domain, in the laminating and coating systems, with vacuum coating and the lamination of the printed materials and in converting area, which includes the process of die-cutting or the carton web feed converting.

The bobst machines can be used in professional area, but in the individual one, too. Also, the company is appreciated for its maintenance services that are one of the best. Known for the developments in printing area, they are recognized by its gravure presses. So, another domain of Bobst company is the rotogravure printing. With bobst machines, they offer high speed gravure printing, minimum material waste and many other advantages.

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With the Rotomec and Kochsiek product lines, Bobst has evolved in the design and producing of rotogravure printing presses for more than seventy-five years. Over the years has offered business solutions for the printing businesses. They do not stop here. Now the invite visitors to an open house, dedicated to the subject of color matching.

Visitors will see live print demos, but also will watch speeches concerning the topic of color matching. The first day of the event is dedicated to German speaking visitors, so all the presentation will be given in German. In the second day will take part all the visitors that speak English, being targeted at an international audience.

The event it will be a great opportunity for those interested in printing color accuracy, to find more information. Certainly, bobst machines from are one of the best from the entire world. People use these machines with confidence. Are perfect if you want to improve your business and get good results. For more information, visit the website Here you will find an interesting description of the Bobst  company’s  activity and the services that it offers .

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