Building Your Blog’s Readership Base

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Building Your Blog's Readership Base
There is no reason to put a huge amount of effort into designing, maintaining and then posting to a blog if no one actually reads what you write. Instead, you have to put your effort into marketing your blog so that new readers will visit and you’ll end up with people who truly appreciate what you have to say. No matter what the topic of your blog, the following ideas will help you to grow your readership.

If you really want to get the word out about your blog, hold a giveaway for an item anyone would love, such as cash. You can use a tool like Rafflecopter to make entering the giveaway easy. Use entry methods such as following you on social media, commenting on a post on your site, signing up for your newsletter or even signing up for your RSS feed on Feedburner. This will increase your follower count, but remember that you really want to focus on people who would also actually want to read your site, otherwise when the contest ends, they will all unsubcribe. If you want more targeted subscribers, give away a prize that only fans of your niche would like, such as an ebook if you are a site about books, or environmentally friendly cleaning supplies if you write about the “green” lifestyle.

Ask your loved ones, coworkers and even followers on social media to let others know about your blog. They can share your posts on their own social media accounts, or by email, or even in person. Don’t be overt about it, of course, but you can provide social media links on your blog posts, such as with tools like AddThis, and let people share if they feel like it. You can also ask in a post that those who follow you let others know about the blog if they think they would enjoy it as well.

Visit blogs like your own and join in the conversations there. Leave comments and use tools like “Comment Luv” to link back to your own blog. Once you find a blog you really connect with, ask to trade “guests posts” with them. You can add a little “author bio” to the top or bottom of your traded post, including a link to your own blog. They do the same, so your audience can find this other great blog and their audience can come over to your site. This will also provide back links between the two sites, boosting each other’s page rank on Google. This can make your site show up higher for any search engine optimization key phrases you have included on your site.

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When you created your blog, it is likely that your intent was to get what you want to write about out to the masses. If it wasn’t, why do you bother? If it was, you have to use the tips above to ensure that people know your blog exists and what it is all about. Take the time to work on your blog and soon enough, people will show up to read.

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