Expand Your Customer Base By Using Mobile Marketing

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Expand Your Customer Base By Using Mobile MarketingOne of the most important tasks for a marketer is to take care of his customers. Getting new customers is important for expansion. Cultivating existing customer relationships gives a business stability as the market can be reassured of repeat customers. In strengthening customer relationships, communication is the key. You do not want your customer to forget you after they have made a purchase. This article talks about how you can use mobile marketing to nurture the customer relationship that you have already established.

Offer your existing customers the option to receive messages from you on their mobile devices. Motivate them to sign up to receive special promotions and discounts that are only available to the mobile user. Once you have a number of customers signed up, you can start sending your mobile messages. Think about a good promotion to run. You may want to start your first message with just a limited time discount. Send your messages at a time when people are likely to be available to receive them. Avoid times like the middle of the night.

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Avoid sending messages that are long. Keep in mind that reading long messages on a mobile device can be hard. Your mobile users may ignore your message if they think it is too long. Keep your messages short and to the point. Describe the main idea of your promotion in the first few lines of your message. If you want the mobile customer to respond in a certain way to get an incentive, provide clear instructions on what they need to do.

Avoid sending out too many messages because your users may consider that spam and stop reading them. You want your customers to feel that your messages are special. Each time they get a message from you, they should expect a special treat.

Do some competitive intelligence on other companies in your line of business. What are they doing in mobile promotions? Go to their websites and try to find out any mention of incentives for their mobile users. Use your own hand-held device to visit their website to test the user experience. The more you know about your competition’s strategy, the more you are able to tweak your own plan.

With any marketing campaign, you should have some goals. What would you consider to be a successful marketing campaign? Are you aiming to increase your customer base by a certain amount? Are you after a certain percentage of positive responses to your campaign? Perhaps you only consider your plan a success if you can score at least one sale from it. Whatever your goal is, focus your efforts in achieving it.

Solicit feedback from your mobile customers. Ask them about what they like and dislike about mobile communication from you. Are the messages too long, too short, unclear, too frequent, etc. Their feedback will help you make adjustments to your approach and give your mobile users a more positive experience.

Mobile marketing can be very effective if you execute your plan properly. Follow the tips in this article, and you will run a successful campaign every time.

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