Long time investments in 2014

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Long time investments in 2014Have some money and want to invest them this year? If you don’t want too much trouble and a safe gain, buy gold, silver or diamonds. Investors expect precious metals to reach a new historical record, a wave of inflation that will hit the world of economy.

The price of gold is rising for 12 years, the longest period of appreciation in the last 90 years. Silver and precious stones also marked a spectacular evolution. Interestingly, the silver price rose two times faster than gold, so investment could be even more profitable.

Land, also a long-range investment

This year, more than ever, advisors rely on investments in land. Land price declined greatly in this period and its prices reached the same value as 2006-2007.

An investment in land, especially agricultural, promises to be even more profitable because, since 2014, foreign citizens can buy such areas in Romania. Given that, agricultural land in Romania is considered among the best in Europe to develop agricultural business. Experts expect a wave of investors in this area.

Some are already on the market, through related businesses, so that in the coming years, this sector is expected to record a true revival. According to experts, those who buy farmland can make good money from crops, meat or sawn wood ( http://businesses-properties.com/on-sale-large-sawn-wood-mill-in-romania/ ). Prices of agricultural products will remain speculative territory in 2014, so an investment in this area can make a substantial profit.

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A business that can be profitable is related to the collection and distribution of fruits and vegetables. As the prices of imported products will be affected by inflation, finding suppliers of fruits and vegetables at low prices can make a quick gain in relation to processors and large retail networks.

Another interesting business in 2013 may be opening grocery stores in major cities where such products are sold at competitive prices. Also, an exciting business may be the potential distribution of such products (vegetables, fruits and also other foods – dairy, meat, bread, etc.) directly to the doorstep.

Services, in the foreground

Services, such as those listed above, will be an important issue in 2014. The home-delivery services, cleaning and technical support (installation, repair, etc.) to the financial advisory (reducing debt, optimize cash flow, obtaining loans, etc.) can generate profitable business if they are accompanied by a promote efficiency and price policy adapted to customer opportunities.

Another business regarded as having great potential is opening an online store. In recent years, the number of Romanians that began to order products on the Internet has increased as development of secure payment solutions.

The masive online shopping is now a proof that business firms existing in online market have increased their sales and recorded a success in almost all areas, from electronics to cosmetics, outfits, accessories and jewelry, gifts, electronic books and more. A potential business connection is the development of web design services, graphic, cloud computing consulting, design e-commerce platforms, specialized SEO services.

From production of shoes to thermal rehabilitation

The list of potential business in 2014 may also include various other business sites from parking services, garbage recycling and thermal rehabilitation of buildings. Because only 15% of the buildings in Romania are rehabilitated, business development in this area can be profitable, especially as they can be performed more recently with European funds.

Some specialists also note as a potential business development, clothing and footwear. The clothes and shoes will always have customers, in terms of competitive price. Beyond dedicated public products, experts believe that an interesting business would be to develop lines of clothing (uniforms branded) for companies.

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