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seo in 2012Search Engine Optimization, more simply known as SEO, has evolved so much in the last few years that it is hardly recognizable from when the Internet first took shape. As search engines have become more sophisticated, the strategies needed to successfully optimize content online have become more sophisticated as well.

SEO is evolving so rapidly that it’s hard to keep up with the newest strategies, concepts, and software developments. That’s where this book comes in. I’m going to be exploring what’s on tap for SEO in 2012, both for on-page and off-page SEO, as well as looking at where it is heading.

It is vital for you as a marketer to understand how to be successful in SEO. I’ll be sharing with you the latest SEO innovations and showing you ways to implement them.

“Because millions of people turn to the Internet now a days to sites like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing to find out information, it is more important than ever for businesses and content creators to understand the most effective and up-to-date SEO strategies.”

Before we get into the tactics and strategies of SEO marketing, I’d like to share with you how SEO has changed over the years and how it will continue to change in the next several decades. What many experts have found is that SEO has moved away from the “boost your search engine rankings” mentality to thinking, “How do we create and capitalize a rich end-user search experience?”

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It’s not all about stuffing a site with keywords in order to pop-up first in a Google search anymore. Now, Internet marketers are looking for ways to enrich searchers’ experiences. While traffic and rankings are still important, the focus has shifted to how can marketers and content producers can make the Internet more enjoyable and informational for users.

This new trend is reflected in how search engines now rank online material, as well. You are probably well aware that “relevance” has become a hot SEO term, meaning that content that is pertinent to the search, informational, helpful, popular, etc. ranks higher than something that is simply stuffed with a bunch of keywords and doesn’t offer any usefulness information at all. In fact, Google has already begun hiding keywords from Google Analytics.

This trend will continue and the focus will shift away from “ranking for keywords” towards ranking for relevance and conversion.” Conversion means getting a user to take a desired action on a page, i.e. buy something, sign up for a newsletter, subscribe to a service, or share a piece of online content with others. Conversion does not happen with sites stuff with keywords because there is nothing of value for a user to take action on.

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The richness of a user’s experience now far outweighs keyword density. One expert put it like this; “Humans make search rankings.” Social media has a lot to do with this as well as more advanced spam filters that allow actual human beings to tag something as spam or not.

Today, things like universal search, personalized search, social search, instant search, local/mobile, preview, and real-time search all factor into giving users exactly what they’re looking for. This is a much more complex and sophisticated search system than was around just a few short years ago.

“Companies like Google have literally given search engines a life and language of their own. Anyone looking to be successful at Internet marketing must master the rules of the search engines and change with them as they evolve.”

All of these changes sound easy to implement, right? I’ll simply make relevant content that the people who I want going to my website will find on search engines. While it seems easy to do this, putting it into practice is actually much, much harder. A recent study of Internet marketers found that most of them were more concerned with seeing a return on their investment than in actually implementing a strategy to get there!

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While you might get some fast traffic this way, you won’t experience any long-term, sustainable growth. You need to develop a methodical and effective strategy to continually drive traffic to your site or sites. This is part of what we’ll be discussing in this book, among many other things.This is an understandable conundrum; we want to see results ASAP and don’t want to take the time to build strategy. This thinking is erroneous, however, because in the long-run developing a strategy that continually drives traffic to your site is better than simply directing traffic to your site through keyword density, meta-tags, and the like.

As SEO has changed with the advent of social media, many Internet marketers now refer to SEO strategists and engineers as “SMOs,” or social media optimizers. These people, of whom you might be one, have a much broader focus of looking at off-site marketing with social integration as well as on-page factors. With that, it will also be more important in 2012 and beyond to drive conversions, not just traffic.

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Now that Google, the Mother Ship of search engines, has it’s own social media site, you can expect many subtle and undercover changes in the way things are ranked. The even further personalization of searches will be one of the biggest if not the biggest change in SEO we’ll see this year.

Searches will become more personalized and timely as search engines become even more closely tied to social media sites in general. All this means is that old-style SEO is out and new, social-media informed searches are in.

Lastly, as I said earlier, SEO is constantly evolving. While I can make predictions about the software and strategy developments that might take shape over the next few years, it really is next to impossible to know the exact details of what SEO will look like even a year or two down the road.

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However, I can make predictions based on current trends and how the world of Internet marketing has changed over the years. As an Internet marketer myself, I’ve seen first hand how the business of SEO has transformed and continues to evolve every time I turn on my computer.

I will share what I’ve seen with you and make as best predictions as I can as to how this crazy, topsy-turvy, and totally exciting world of Internet marketing will continue to evolve.

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