Seo mistakes you need to avoid

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Seo mistakes you need to avoidThere are a few common mistakes that websites make as they set about SEO management that can end up crippling their web traffic. The first mistake is in coding the site in a difficult programming language.

Extensive use of a language like JavaScript can end up making your SEO difficult. Simpler code lets search engine spiders access your site information more easily and still manages to get all the features you are looking for.

The next mistake one could end up making is keyword optimization. Pick a small number of keywords, most relevant to the niche that your website caters to, and focus on integrating those keywords throughout the entire site. Do not make the mistake of trying to incorporate all the keywords you think is relevant to your niche, thus not focusing your SEO on a small subset that would enhance your search rank on them.

The third snag websites hit when doing SEO is creating longwinded URLs that make it difficult to navigate to the site and around it with ease. Try and get a short URL with the most relevant keywords to your site, and keep dynamic characters and slashes to a minimum, thus letting spiders crawl your site more effectively.

The next problem to look out for is ignoring the content of your HTML title tag. It is not sufficient to create a single title tag for all the pages in your site. Note that these title tags are the ones that search engines offer up as human readable text in the search results. Relevant title tags, indicating exactly what the page is about will bring more users to your site, as they are convinced by the relevant title, to click the search result.

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Splash pages are another detrimental factor to the SEO of your website. Splash pages that are bare and do not lead anywhere stymies the search engine spiders crawling your website. Even if you do feature splash pages, ensure that they have enough navigation, so that users as well as spiders do not get stuck while navigating your website.

The next mistake is assuming that a one-plan-fits-all SEO can be employed to get you to top results on all search engines. Note that each search engine uses its own ranking algorithms and your page may have different rank on different search engines. Google and Bing are the most popular search engines as of now, so focus on ensuring that these search engines yield the best ranks for your pages and site. These search engines, on account of their location first search algorithms, lead local traffic in the way of your site. This can enormously benefit your business.

The seventh pitfall, in the list of SEO pitfalls to watch out for is the quality of backlinks. Note that while it is easy to purchase backlinks from other webmasters who host poor quality of content unrelated to your website, they may end up adversely affecting your site ranking. Ensure that the quality of content in your site is top notch so that it garners backlinks from reputed and relevant third party sites.

The eighth in the list of SEO errors is using excessive graphics and Flash content on your site. Note that web crawlers do not parse images and Flash content for keywords and having a lot of it on your site can end up affecting your page rank. Make sure that all images and multimedia content on the site has enough backing text, describing exactly what they are about.

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The ninth mistake is not delivering the content that your Meta and title tags promise. Users who come to your site, from the search engine, will quickly get disillusioned and leave forever if you do not deliver the content you promised them in the title of the page. On the other hand, providing the content you promised would ensure that the visitors repeat visits to your site, enhancing the quality of traffic your site is getting.

Finally, do not make the error of assuming that SEO is the only thing that matters in increasing your web traffic and not focusing on other aspects of your site’s development. A balanced marketing plan is essential to ensure that your site performs well on all counts.

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