The right keywords always work

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The right keywords always workThere are several reasons why the right keywords work at generating traffic. It all really boils down to knowing what your target audience is searching for and how they are searching for that product/service.

For example, if you are a dog trainer offering an e-newsletter that gives pet owners all the information they need to know to train their pooches, you are going to want to target to a certain audience, i.e. dog owners.

Now, just as important as providing the content that people are looking for is presenting it in a way that they are actually looking for it. What phrases are they using to find your web page? What are the words associated with the search that they are using that you can include in your title tag, URL, Meta description, and page content?

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Choosing good keywords really takes research. Those that don’t research what the best keywords to use for their specific site aren’t going to realize the full potential they are capable of in online marketing. Doing no research will only get you so far.

The most important first step you can take in keyword research is to think like a user. If you were looking for your products and services, what words would you use to find them?

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Even more basically, would you even be looking for your products and services to accomplish the objective you hope to? If you were a new visitor to your site, would you know what the site offers? How clearly presented is the information, and how relevant is it to what you are searching for?

This of course then all circles back to what words or phrase you would use to look up this particular site, a.k.a your site. It’s only after you put yourself in your customers’ shoes that you can begin to generate the right keywords that are going to lead them to your web pages. These words will have clarity and purpose, two things that are invaluable to traffic generation and business.

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